Custom roast matching

Coffee solutions ideal for the workplace

Coffee solutions ideal for the workplace

Gourmet roasts that save money

Enjoy high quality, delicious coffee for a fraction of the price thanks to our private label brands provided by a local coffee roaster.

Coffee equipment to suit any need

Enjoy the latest coffee brewing equipment at your location from pour over pots to specialized flat-pack single cup.

Traditional coffee equipment in Bloomington and Terre Haute


Traditional pour over coffee brewers deliver a high volume of coffee from your choice of brand.

Bloomington and Terre Haute coffee machines

Single Cup

Flat-pack technology seals in freshness and allows the Flavia brewer to make different drinks for each customer.

Office coffee service in Bloomington and Terre Haute


It’s easy to make specialty coffee drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, with high-end liquid coffee brewers.

Coffee machines in Bloomington and Terre Haute

to Cup

Whole beans are instantly ground and then brewed into a premium coffee while the user waits.

Coffee service you can feel good about

Fairtrade coffee and biodegradable supplies ensure we can all enjoy coffee well into the future.

Wide variety of eco-friendly coffee products

Choose the coffee and coffee products right for your Bloomington and Terre Haute business from our environmentally-favorable line.

A greener world with every sip.

Bloomington and Terre Haute office coffee
Highlight your investment in the future with sustainable coffee and tea brands.

Show off your company’s dedication to sustainability with compostable supplies.

Teas that enrich & renew

Bring delicious, health-enhancing teas to your Bloomington and Terre Haute business.

Office tea services in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Teas galore

Ensure customers and employees have access to dozens of delicious teas, from traditional black to creative herbals.

Bloomington and Terre Haute tea services

Healthy benefit

Boost the wellness in your office with tea associated with lowering inflammation, disease, and more.

Tea services Bloomington and Terre Haute

Perfect compliment

Tea is a stylish option that enhances any Bloomington or Terre Haute area break room.

Water services in Bloomington and Terre Haute

The at-work water service provider

Enjoy great tasting water at work with water filtration service, and improve existing coffee and tea flavors at the same time.

Companies throughout Bloomington and Terre Haute are wowing employees with water service, both using plumbed in water filtration and 5-gallon coolers. It ensures a healthy beverage is always on hand that tastes great. Plus, by eliminating particulates that affect taste and ruin brewing equipment, filtered water can improve the coffee and tea options that already exist.

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