Healthy options in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Grateful employees

Nutritious options in the break room support a healthy lifestyle.

Delicious ingredients

Great food and drinks centered on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Better performance

Strong, healthy employees miss less work and lower insurance bills.

Any service solution can be a healthy solution

Whether it’s vending, micro-markets, or pantry service, JR Davis Vending can customize a healthy component. We have a variety of healthy products that will fit employee and company needs as well as the equipment to deliver them.

Making it convenient makes it better

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, convenient services are nearby. JR Davis Vending is proud to be part of this national association of service providers ensuring you have what you need to be your very best.

Encourage wellness at your workplace with help from JR Davis Vending at 812-847-2030;

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