Why Should You Subsidize Your Vending Service?

Subsidized vending allows you, the employer, to provide a discounted rate to your employees when purchasing items. A subsidized vending program can include any vending service such as snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and food vending machines. This break room solution can enhance your employee benefits package while helping with recruitment and retention in Bloomington and Terre Haute. Attract the employees you genuinely desire, and keep the employees you already cherish.

Reward Your Employees With Affordable Refreshments

Recognize team members for a job well done, a milestone at the company, birthdays, etc.

Stand out in a job search by offering incentives that competing companies don’t provide.

Foster workplace culture by offering subsidized vending with discounted food and beverages!

Save employees time and money when they stay onsite and don’t have to drive somewhere for refreshments.

subsidized vending services in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Incentivize Healthy
With Vending
in Bloomington and
Terre Haute

Encourage healthier eating at work by offering nutritious options at a lower cost to employees. Subsidizing nutrient-dense snacks is a great way to show your team that you care about their wellbeing. Achieve company wellness goals with healthy vending.

Upgrade to a Subsidized
Micro-Market for
Even More Variety

Looking to give your employees the ultimate employee perks? Upgrade to a subsidized micro-market solution. With this, you can offer a wider range of refreshment choices in your Bloomington and Terre Haute break rooms, catering to the preferences of your entire team. Employees can easily browse the market’s coolers, pay using our 24/7 self-checkout kiosk, and get right back to their day.

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