Hundreds of choices

Micro-markets are stocked with a wide variety of snacks, food, treats, beverages, and healthy items.

Healthy sips

Choose from the latest and greatest beverage options, including flavored waters, energy drinks, diet sodas, and more.

Local favs

Dig into your favorite meal without leaving work thanks to locally made,
restaurant quality food.

Specialty treats

Make requests or simply explore the variety of interesting snacks JR Davis brings
into your market.

Completely tailored to your needs

Micro-markets are custom designed specifically for the Bloomington or Terre Haute area business in which they reside.
Imagine giving your employees the opportunity to shop for what they need while still at work. That is the beauty of a micro-market — the open concept, self-checkout refreshment solution from JR Davis Vending.

Products are aesthetically arranged on racks and in glass-fronted coolers for a pleasant shopping experience. Employees make purchases at the state-of-the-art kiosk that includes the latest payment information protocols. It’s fast, easy, and more convenient for employees. There is also an option to go touchless by using the mobile or account payment option.

Micro-markets in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Boost safety with
touchless tech

Avoid touching point-of-sale equipment using
touchless scanning and electronic payment options.

Micro-markets are a scalable solution that
adjusts to fit any size company or location

Bloomington and Terre Haute micro-markets

Offer product variety and peace of mind with PicoCoolers

Employees or customers can use electronic payment to open the secured cooler and purchase a variety of delicious products. Available for semi-public areas where access control and temperature verification are essential.

Micro-markets for Bloomington and Terre Haute businesses

Nano-markets offer the market experience in a small footprint

Even small, growing businesses can get the latest micro-market style solution thanks to the nano market. These tablet-sized checkout units allow employees to buy necessary snacks and beverages.

Elevate your break room with a micro-market solution from JR Davis Vending at 812-847-2030;

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