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Micro-market benefits in Bloomington & Terre Haute

Grab & Go Options

Your Bloomington & Terre Haute employees will be impressed with delicious, ready-to-serve options. These meals add convenience to the workplace, especially on those
busy days!

Self-serve micro-markets in Bloomington & Terre Haute

Positive Work Environment

Your employees will love the collaborative design of an open faced micro-market! Keep your Bloomington + Terre Haute atmosphere energized during the work day!

Bloomington & Terre Haute office micro-markets

Unique Selection

We’ve got you covered at JR Davis Vending with a large selection of beverages, snacks and meals. Employees can choose from a wide range of local and national favorites that will keep their taste buds happy!

Office micro-markets in Bloomington & Terre Haute
Micro-market services in Bloomington & Terre Haute
Micro-market options in Bloomington & Terre Haute

Your corporate culture upgrade

Micro-markets designed specifically for your Bloomington & Terre Haute business

At JR Davis Vending we will work alongside you to create a unique and custom micro-market that will wow your Bloomington & Terre Haute employees. Micro-markets can be custom made to fit your space, complete with racks, coolers and displays!

Give your employees the unique gift of partially covering the cost of products! Although this unique benefit is not required, it motivates employees to remain on site during their breaks and lunches!

At JR Davis Vending we are partnered with numerous local and national brands. There is truly an option for each of your Bloomington & Terre Haute employees!

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