vending machines and office coffee service in BloomingtonVending Machines to Properly Serve
Your Bloomington Office

These aren’t your father’s vending machines. JR Davis Vending provides Bloomington with the latest in vending machine technologies. Whether you’re choosing our snack vending machines, food vending machines, beverage vending machines or coffee vending machines, your receiving equipment with the latest in technologies. Our vending machines offer cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. Also, we have Lightspeed technology, which allows us to remotely view the inventory of your vending machines. Knowing your inventory levels before leaving our warehouse, we’re able to better serve you and be much more efficient in the process.

Bloomington’s Source for Professional Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

If coffee is fuel, consider JR Davis Vending your filling station! Our office coffee program includes all the equipment and products to serve your employees right. We have single-cup brewers, pour over brewers and airpots – basically everything you could need to make coffee for your crew and keep it hot and fresh throughout the day. Beyond the coffees and teas you’ll need to keep your service running, we’re also willing to supply other break room necessities, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters and creamers. We’ll keep those break room shelves full, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Water quality is important. If your Bloomington office doesn’t currently have what it takes to support your office coffee service or just to enjoy as a drink on its own, we can help. We offer water filtration devices that hook directly to your water supply and remove the impurities causing the problem. If you’d prefer a more traditional approach, we also offer a water delivery service. We’ll deliver fresh, filtered water to your Bloomington office in convenient 5-gallon jugs to work with a standard water cooler.

vending service and micro-markets in BloomingtonMicro-Markets for Any Bloomington Operation

One of the latest advances in vending services is the Micro-Market – and JR Davis Vending is ready to install one in your Bloomington office. What is a Micro-Market? It’s basically a compact, self-supporting convenience store located in your Bloomington office. The Micro-Market is made up of attractive racks, coolers and displays, which are filled with your choice of snacks, food items and beverages. This includes items you might not expect with a “vending” service, like gourmet salads, fresh fruit and dairy products. The nerve center of any Micro-Market is the self-checkout kiosk. These allow employees to handle their own transactions. What’s more, the kiosks are internet connected, giving us the power to see your current inventory in real time. We’ll know what you need before every restocking visit, which makes our service more efficient and effective. A Micro-Market needs no employees, so it’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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