vending machines and office coffee service in CloverdaleCustomer-Centered Vending Service for Cloverdale

JR Davis does more than provide Cloverdale vending machines. We provide a drink when you’re thirsty, a snack when you’re hungry, and a shot of caffeine when you’re tired. The Cloverdale vending machine is open any time — day or night. That’s why we ensure our Cloverdale vending machines are dependable and always full of delicious brand name vending products. Improve the value of your Cloverdale business to customers and employees with vending service from the experts at JR Davis.

People-First Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service for Cloverdale

We provide traditional and single cup coffee brewers that employees and customers love. Take advantage of our Cloverdale office coffee service to offer lattes, cappuccinos, and flavored coffee in your break room with just one single cup coffee brewer. Create a Cloverdale coffee shop vibe in your Cloverdale break room with a bean to cup coffee brewer. It takes whole coffee beans and freshly makes espresso and specialty coffee drinks. We can help you choose the right office coffee brewer and support it for uninterrupted Cloverdale office coffee service.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle by upgrading your office water. We offer a Cloverdale water filtration service that takes water coming into your Cloverdale location and passes it through premium filter technology. Your Cloverdale employees and customers fill their cup or water bottle from the hot and cold taps on the water dispenser unit in the Cloverdale break room. It’s delicious water, on-demand at the ideal temperature. Our Cloverdale water filtration service even enhances your existing office coffee service with better flavor.

vending service and micro-markets in CloverdaleBenefit Boosting Cloverdale Micro-Market Service

Create a powerful employee retention tool in your break room with Cloverdale micro-market service. We have everything you need, including the snack racks, candy shelves, and food/beverage coolers. Plus, we’ll fill the Cloverdale micro-market with more products than fit in a vending machine. There will be hundreds of fresh food, energy drinks, flavored waters, healthy snacks, bars, candy, etc. Cloverdale employees love to browse the micro-market, choosing the products that suit them, and making their purchase at the high-tech self-checkout kiosk.

Gain an advantage with your break room. Contact JR Davis Vending at or 812-847-2030.

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