Food Vending Machines and Coffee Service In Spencer Spencer’s Most Trusted Vending
Service Provider

When a business in Spencer needs reliable, modern vending machines, they need JR Davis Vending. In our customer’s Spencer break rooms, we place the latest beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, and combination vending machines which sell both snacks and cold beverages from one piece of vending equipment. We also offer modern coffee vending machines that make each cup fresh and can include specialty drink options. Regardless of which vending machine your Spencer company chooses, you will enjoy flexible payment options, including paying with credit card or mobile device. Have confidence in getting what you pay for due to the guaranteed delivery system that ensures a vending machine product is dispensed or triggers an instant refund. If a Spencer vending machine ever does malfunction you can trust JR Davis Vending for a quick resolution.

Bringing Spencer Unparalleled Office Coffee & Water Service

The office coffee needs for each Spencer business we serve are different. One might want a single cup brewer with prepackaged capsules to brew for convenience and variety. Another might want a specialty coffee machine that makes espresso just like a Spencer coffee shop along with other coffee-based drinks. That’s why JR Davis Vending has trained office coffee professionals on staff to assist in the selection process of the right office coffee equipment and coffee type for your
Spencer business.

In addition to office coffee, Spencer businesses can also get water coolers and water filtration. We can install a 5-gallon water cooler with hot and cold taps that delivers a premium, great tasting water. If your Spencer company would prefer a plumbed in water service solution, we have various water filtration units available, including full size models that mimic 5-gallon water coolers and countertop water filtering units. These take your Spencer water and filter it into pristine H2O. It even enhances the office coffee benefit by improving the flavor of coffee and tea.

Water Filtration Service and Micro-Markets In Spencer Stand Out In Spencer With A Micro-Market

Our Spencer customers love our vending machines for the products, service, and experience. However, a few have made the switch to the newer, open-concept style break room refreshment called a micro-market. Designed to be self-serve, a micro-market offers a small store right in the Spencer break room, complete with a mix of healthy items, top-selling snacks, popular candies, and trendy beverages. Spencer employees can browse, read labels, and ultimately buy just the micro-market items they decide they want due to the unlocked glass coolers and front access shelving. It really upgrades the Spencer break room in the eyes of the employees.

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