vending machines and water filtration service in SullivanPlan Your Sullivan Vending Machine Today

It’s time to get the Sullivan vending service you’ve always wanted with JR Davis. Modern vending machine equipment is paired with in-demand brand name vending snacks and drinks. Use a mobile device to pay touchless at one of our Sullivan vending machines. Marvel at the special sensor technology that issues a refund instantly if your snack or drink doesn’t fall into the vending machine dispensing area. Enjoy your favorite vending candy, salty snack, energy drink, soda, etc. on demand, without leaving your Sullivan workplace.

Craft Your Ideal Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service for Sullivan

We help our Sullivan office coffee service customers dream big. Think sophisticated specialty coffee brewers that deliver lattes and cappuccinos by the cup in your Sullivan break room. Another way to elevate the Sullivan break room is with a bean to cup single cup coffee brewer. The whole coffee beans held at the top are ground and brewed for exceptional espresso and coffee based drinks. Wow Sullivan employees and customers alike.

If you love office coffee, you’ll love it even more with our Sullivan water filtration system. We install water filtration units that connect to the water already entering your Sullivan business. The water then passes through filters to remove chemical residues and other impurities, finally entering your Sullivan break room as pure-tasting water. Use filtered water in the coffee brewer, the office ice maker, to steep hot tea, and lots more.

office coffee and micro markets in SullivanDesign Your Sullivan Break Room
Micro-Market Now

Update your employee benefit program with our Sullivan micro-market service. The open concept mini store ensures hundreds of candy, snacks, bars, fresh food, cold drinks, and sundry essentials are available 24/7 (much more than a humble vending machine). The Sullivan micro-market self-checkout kiosk is the superstar of the Sullivan micro-market. It allows Sullivan employees to pay with mobile or credit card and sign up for loyalty rewards. The kiosk also measures product inventory, sends notifications to our office, and can be used to communicate corporate messages.

Elevate your Sullivan break room with help from JR Davis Vending at or 812-847-2030.

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