Snacks Are Still Relevant in Bloomington and Terre Haute Break Rooms

Relevant Snacks in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Snacks Are Still Relevant in Bloomington and Terre Haute Break Rooms

Relevant Snacks in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Who doesn’t enjoy a few delicious snacks every now and then? Whether it’s a sweet or healthy treat or a mini meal, snacking remains an integral part of Bloomington and Terre Haute individual’s daily routines. Looking back over the past couple years, we can see how three popular snack trends have changed.

It’s time for a mini meal.

In 2018, mini meals or larger snacks became very popular. Instead of eating three meals per day, Bloomington and Terre Haute consumers wanted six to eight smaller, healthy snack and beverage options that could provide the right type of nutrition to meet nutritional needs. Break room providers worked to offer snacks and beverages with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat that would get their employees to their next consumption occasion.

Mini meals haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, in 2020 options have evolved to include adult versions of the mini meal kits many Bloomington and Terre Haute employees may remember from childhood. Many of the new kits have been created with a specific dietary purpose in mind and contain a variety of premium protein sources, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and salad kits. Not only do the meal kits offer a balance of nutrients, they are great for individuals on-the-go.

Relevant Snacks in Bloomington and Terre Haute

Plant-based options keep growing.

While 2018 saw a growing demand for plant-based options, they were not considered mainstream. A Bloomington and Terre Haute individual might try a new plant-based product, but unless the product was flavorful, that would be the last time they consumed it.

Today, plant-based protein and other ingredient options can be found everywhere from non-dairy cheeses and milks, sausages, and burgers to protein bars, yogurts, and certain grains. In addition to drawing in more consumers with improved flavors and textures, many plant-based products focus on clean eating and understanding the environmental impact of food production—an important topic for many Bloomington and Terre Haute individuals.

Transparency and what we eat.

Consumers in 2018 wanted transparency about a number of things from the origins of their prepackaged snacks to how companies are accountable for their environmental footprints and the health of their customers. In connection to the snacks offered in Bloomington and Terre Haute break rooms, employers had an opportunity to help employees understand what related terms meant and why they were important.

This topic is still important to consumers as many individuals want to connect on a personal level with the companies that they purchase products from. According to a recent predication about food trends in 2020, consumers “want to understand where their food came from, how it was grown or raised, whether the product and company are sustainable, and believe that there is a good story behind it.”

Today’s Break Room

While the pandemic may have an impact on the specific flavors and types of snacks everyone is currently gravitating towards, the trends that have been seen over the past several years are unlikely to disappear. Bloomington and Terre Haute employers have an opportunity to meet their employees where they are and provide refreshment options that meet both nutritional and emotional needs. For more information about making sure your break room refreshment menu offers something for everyone, please call JR Davis Vending at 812-847-2030.


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